Fundamental Nursing
  • Ergonomic evaluation and proposal for basic nursing skills
  • Studies on the domestic accidents in the elderly
  • Study on career development of nurses
Clinical Nursing, Geriatric Nursing
  • Quality of life research in patients with hip and knee arthroplasty
  • Physical activity of adults and older patients
  • Quantitative study of clinical nursing
Pediatric, Maternal, Midwifery Nursing
  • Study on health care for pregnant women, children and their families
  • Study on the effects of the environment during pregnancy on the next generation
  • Study on Bereavement care for families who have lost their children
Public Health, Home Care Nursing
  • Nurses’ care program development for community residents (people with dementia, mental problems and children with problematic behaviors)
  • Evaluation of health outcomes using big data
  • Study on Career development of Public Health Nurses
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